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Sergeant John Foster - Waterloo Regional Police
Oct 20, 2017

In recognition of the thousands of veterans who returned with lasting trauma from the First World War, Dr. Bogaert will be speaking about the experiences of First World War veterans treated for psychiatric illnesses at the Ontario Military Hospital in Cobourg, Ontario. While the term “shell shock” retained social currency long after the war, veterans at this hospital were diagnosed with a diverse array of illnesses, which some were able to attribute to their military service and receive compensation from the Board of Pension Commissioners (BPC). Looking at individual veterans’ interactions with doctors and the BPC, this talk will outline the perception and treatment of psychiatric illnesses during and immediately following the First World War.

Remembrance Day Program - Dr. Kandace Bogaert
Nov 03, 2017
District Governor Kathi Dick
Nov 17, 2017

Rosemary Smith is the co-chair of the Langs Capital Campaign and will present the future needs and plans for Langs Community Centre.

Almost 40 years ago, a group of caring residents saw a need and imagined a community development project that would change their neighbourhood for the better; an organization that would bring multiple programs and services under one roof and continue to transform based on the changing needs of the community. This place is Langs.


In its first year of operation at the new location, over 8000 individuals were served. That participation rate has increased by more than 78% to over 15,000 individuals being served today. In a recent HUB survey, 82% of respondents indicated they felt more connected to the community and 72% accessed a service for the first time.

Currently, 20 community partners call the HUB@1145 home. Fourteen more have expressed interest in joining the team.

An opportunity to expand the HUB@1145 now exists. This expansion will allow Langs and their community partners to do even more for the Cambridge community.


The expansion will provide:

  • Additional community space, offices and group rooms for new programs
  • Space for 5-7 more partners to provide more services to the community
  • Additional parking
  • Langs will be able to provide service to an additional 3,000 people annually and reduce wait times for all particpants
Rosemary Smith - Chair of Langs Capital Campaign
Dec 01, 2017
Club Members Meeting - President Mike
Dec 15, 2017
Chris Wood,Gen Mgr, Region of Waterloo Airport
Jan 19, 2018

As many of us know, Dave has an interesting telescope setup, in his backyard, for his hobby of astronomy. Dave will update us and show some of his great photos.

David Jenkins - Rotarian and Past President
Feb 02, 2018

Waterloo Economic Development aims to foster, support and deliver an integrated approach to economic development in Waterloo Region. Their services include facilitating introductions to local business leaders, supporting business retention and expansion and providing information about running a business in Waterloo. 

Mr LaMantia will speak about the economic strategy for the Region of Waterloo.
Mr. Tony LaMantia - CEO of Waterloo EDC
Feb 16, 2018

Glen Pascoe will give us an update on their continuing work with these children.

One4Another's primary focus is providing life-changing surgeries for children in Uganda who would never be able to afford it without outside help. One4Another provides them with a brighter, happier future!

Glen Pascoe
Mar 02, 2018

Amarok Society has seen real success for bringing lasting change to an overlooked education crisis. They have done this by helping some of the poorest women in the world by becoming catalysts of sustainable change in the world.

But Canada faces its own education crisis, which is also overlooked, and which also must be addressed through a spirit of innovation. Through their work in First Nations education, Amarok Society founders, Dr. Tanyss and Gem Munro have witnessed the serious educational disadvantages afforded to our Indigenous youth right here at home, with significant repercussions. Education deficits have a ripple effect to other areas, as evidenced by the gap between Indigenous populations and the average Canadian populations in health, income, justice, and social issues. There is likewise a serious gap between the equality that Canadians say we stand for, and the reality of life for most Indigenous youth.

Amarok Society is opening a new chapter – Amarok Society Indigenous – which will ultimately establish a month-long leadership academy for indigenous youth, beginning with workshops of shorter durations where indigenous youth are. The methodology draws upon Indigenous traditions, history, and culture to create transformative change in students’ lives. Unlocking long-standing impasses through conversation-based workshops, Amarok Society Indigenous leaves youth leaders with an unprecedented capacity to alter their lives and the lives of those around them.

Gem Munro - E.D. of the Amarok Society
Mar 16, 2018
President Mike Lawrie
Mar 23, 2018
Good Friday
Mar 30, 2018
Anne Tinker - Service Projects Chair
Apr 06, 2018

We will have a guided tour of the "new" Cambridge Memorial Hospital. 

Please be aware this is an active construction site with no access to elevators so there will be plenty of stair climbing.  For the ladies: wear long pants; skirts or bare legs are not allowed.   Work boots and hard hats are mandatory and will be supplied by the hospital.  This is a great tour as the hospital is near completion and you will have an opportunity to see the new operating rooms, maternity area, emergency department and much more before it is open to the public.  

Kathy Wilson - Resource Director CMH Foundation
Apr 20, 2018