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Juliette Coughlan, Deaf Blind Ontario. May 04, 2018
Deaf Blind Ontario-Enriching Lives, One Touch at a Time

If 95% of what we learn comes from our eyes and ears, imagine what it must be like to be deafblind.

For the deafblind, a simple touch can lead to endless possibilities. Individuals who are deafblind have the capacity to build their life skills, gain independence and contribute to the greater community with the support of professionally trained Intervenors who use the sense of touch to help them communicate. Founded in 1989, DeafBlind Ontario Services  helps individuals who are deafblind increase their independence and improve their quality of life through specialized services.




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Tony Monteiro, Mortgage Broker Jun 15, 2018
Updating criteria for borrowing and things to beware in mortgages that institutions provide.