Speaker Date Topic
Conductor Sabatino Vacca Sep 01, 2017
Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra performs orchestral music throughout the community and provides learning opportunities for musicians at various levels in their musical careers. The orchestra creates opportunities for exposure to classical music in the community and cultural enrichment for players and audiences. Orchestra members are passionate about their music and aspire to excellence, while maintaining the enjoyment of playing together. As the cultural hub of the musical community, the CSO assumes a leadership role and promotes artistic collaborations for the greater benefit of all involved.

Joe-Anne McComb - ED Kinbridge Association Sep 15, 2017
Kinbridge Community Association programs and Capital Redevelopment Campaign

Kinbridge Community Association actively engages and empowers community through positive relationship building and the facilitation of programs and services that embrace equity, inclusion and diversity.

President Mike Lawrie Sep 29, 2017
Club Assembly
Dr. Hank Nykamp -The Fentanyl Crisis in Cambridge Oct 06, 2017
The Fentanyl Crisis in Cambridge

During the past year, Dr Nykamp says the number of drug overdose-related deaths in Cambridge has doubled.

Police, crime prevention and health officials are teaming up to educate the public about the dangers of fentanyl and how to access and administer the live-saving antidote, giving more time for help to arrive.  Unfortunately, that message sometimes comes too late.

Dr Nykamp has already been speaking with city and region officials, and well as staff at different health and social service agencies, about the fentanyl crisis and the impacts it’s having on the community.

“What we need is a grass-roots organization to start dealing with this,” he said. “We can reverse this by working together.”

District Governor Kathi Dick Nov 17, 2017
Governor's Address to the Club