Celebrating 30 Years of Rotary Membership
A Conversation with Dr. Mike Lawrie, Rotarian of 30 Years.  
Dr. Mike Lawrie, now a recently retired family physician, is celebrating his 30th anniversary of Rotary membership in February 2017. Recruited by Dr. John Moffat in 1987, Mike has exemplified the Rotary motto of Service Above Self and continues his passion for helping others through his active participation in Rotary and the community.  In recognition of his 30th Anniversary, Mike sat down for a brief Q&A.
Q: Why did you become a Rotarian?
A: It was always the ‘Game Plan’ for me. I had been encouraged by two influential Rotarians, Dr. Burt Grapes, and Dr. John Moffat, as well as one ex-Rotarian Ed Best, who knew it would be a great fit for me.
Q: What has been the most fulfilling aspect of being a Rotarian?
A: Being involved in projects, both service and fundraising is very fulfilling. Equally so are the relationships and friendships that I developed through Rotary.
Q: What is the farthest destination you’ve travelled with Rotary?
A: Twice I travelled to the Dominican Republic with Rotary and The Samaritan Foundation. There we worked to build houses, clinics, schools and hospitals in rural areas. It was a gratifying experience. The Samaritan Foundation and Rotary continue their partnership to this day.
Q: What motivates you to continue with Rotary after 30 years of service?
A: I’m still enjoying Rotary and making a difference in both the community and the world, helping people to be in a better place. I am motivated by meeting and working with some terrific people, with great skills. When that is combined with high ethical standards and common goals, there is so much to learn, share and do!
Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in Rotary during your 30 years with the organisation?
A: The biggest change would probably be the addition of women to Rotary. Until 1992, Rotary was still a men’s club. I was actually the first to propose the membership of 2 women to the Rotary Club of Cambridge Galt.
Q: What’s your advice for someone considering Rotary?
A: If the ‘Service Above Self’ resonates with you, and you really believe that one person can make a difference, than Rotary would be a great organisation for you!