Congratulations to Scott Hebert and his 20th Anniversary with Rotary!
March 2021 marks the 20th Rotary anniversary for Scott Hebert.
Q: Why did you become a Rotarian?
My Grandpa was President of Rotary Preston-Hespeler in the 1950s.  My Dad was a Rotarian (now retired), my great uncles and my uncle (in Canada and then when he moved to Australia). I remember selling Rotary tickets in the 1970s for my Grandpa.  When my twin sister and I went to visit my Grandparents in Barbados my Grandpa had to leave us one day per week to attend Rotary lunch meetings.  I was working at CMH and spoke to Dr. Hank Nykamp about Rotary and he invited me to come to a meeting and eventually join Sunrise Rotary.
Q: What has been the most fulfilling aspect of being a Rotarian?
I really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the Polio Plus effort to eradicate polio in India.  In 2004, I travelled with 85 Rotarians from Canada/USA (organized by PDG Barry Howie & his wife Mary Jane).  That was a very memorable trip. One of my favourite moments was the sheer excitement and joy on the faces of the school children when we ended our Literacy Week event by presenting them each year with a cheque of $1,000 or $1,500 for the school libraries to purchase new books.  Their reaction was like they had won the lottery!
Q: In your experience, how does Rotary fit in with the life of young professionals?
I think Rotary can help young professionals to take on leadership roles, to be mentored by Rotarians, to promote peace and understanding across the globe and be the change they want to see in the world.
Q: What motivates you to continue with Rotary after 20 years of service?
I continue to find that Rotary gives opportunities to make a difference in our community.  I am excited to be part of some of the District roles with innovative club models and new ways to enhance membership. Rotary is a chance to give back – make a difference locally and create lasting change around the world.  With the impact of COVID, our world can use the kindness and the collective action of Rotarians now more than ever.
Q: What is your advice for someone considering Rotary?
Give it a try… check out the different clubs to see which one is the best fit for you.  Rotary is a gift – and it offers so much.
Q: What benefits/takeaways/growth-opportunities have you received from being a Rotarian?
Some of my best friends who I have travelled with and who I go out with every Friday are friends I have met through Rotary.  I would never have been able to go to India and to meet people in Toronto, Guelph, Las Vegas, Jamaica, a cruise ship, India, and remotely via Zoom at Clubs around the world if Rotary was not part of my life.
No matter where I have travelled, Rotarians have been open, kind, offered assistance and been interested to learn about my Rotary experience and to share their experiences.  It’s a global network for all of us to enjoy.