Update from Lauren Crawford, Fire Fighter Relations Coordinator for Muscular Dystrophy Canada
On Friday, March 19th, we met with Lauren and special guest speaker Anna Fortino via Zoom. Lauren has been working at MDC since August of 2019. She works closely with fire departments across Ontario coordinating fire fighter fundraising events. Anna is an MD client and passionate advocate.
Lauren's key roles and responsibilities include: planning various fire fighter fundraising campaigns – including the creation of our new online platform during Covid-19; fire department outreach and recruitment; distribution of campaign materials; supporting fire fighters with their event planning; hosting Town Halls, conferences and attending Fire Fighter meetings & events to engage fire fighter stakeholders, share info on MDC & connect Fire Fighters with our clients.
You can listen to her interview with Cambridge Fire Fighter Geoff Gaetan on Twitter here
Covid-19 has had a significant impact on fundraising, with a 60% decrease in Q1, but a 400% increase in requests for client support. Are you interested in helping? Visit https://muscle.ca/