Congratulations to our very own Raquel Blackwell 
Raquel Blackwell, of the Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunrise, celebrates her 5-year anniversary as a Rotarian on November 22.
Raquel is a successful real estate agent, outdoor enthusiast, and avid traveller.
Q: Why did you become a Rotarian?
RB: I became a Rotarian because of my love for the community and helping people whenever I possibly can. Helping others, whether it be locally or internationally, can seem impossible when you’re alone, but when you join a Rotary club you immediately start to feel like you’re making a difference in the world. 
Q: What has been the most fulfilling aspect of being a Rotarian?
RB: There is truly no better feeling than seeing the event you planned impact the community positively or witnessing an international project meet (and exceed!) its goal. Knowing we can make a difference for children in need or hearing about the fantastic experiences from programs we sponsor such as Adventures in Citizenship is truly fulfilling. 
Q: In your experience, how does Rotary fit in with the life of young professionals?
RB: With different clubs and flexible schedules of the various projects, it makes fitting Rotary into a  routine very easy. The teamwork and comradery on the projects we do make it as much social and fun as it is rewarding. 
Q: What is the farthest destination you’ve travelled with Rotary?
RB: I had the pleasure of attending a Rotary meeting in Dubai, UAE.
Q: What motivates you to continue with Rotary after 5 years of service?
RB: I believe that wanting to help people isn’t something you grow out of, it’s something that you are born with and stays with you throughout life. Becoming unmotivated in Rotary is actually a hard thing to do because of the constant positive impacts you experience and the amazing team of people you get to volunteer with. 
Q: What’s your advice for someone considering Rotary?
RB: If you love helping people and seeing positive change both locally and internationally, you will want to join Rotary. Go to your local Rotary Club and ask questions, they will be more than happy to answer all of them.
Q: What benefits/takeaways/growth-opportunities have you received from being a Rotarian?
RB: Interacting with so many incredible people and hearing speakers from all walks of life present on many topics including healthcare, motivational, local, international, political, and the arts to name just a few. 
I was once told that you become like those you associate with, so why would you not want to hang with the coolest people making the biggest impact in the world?